SolusVM Pricing Structure

SolusVM is priced in two different options but all reside around the number of Slave Servers in your Cluster, below is an explaination of the different licensing types to get a better idea of which option would suit your enviroment best, email us for queries!

All SolusVM Slaves are charged at $10.00/month and are added to your Master License, if you wish to add a slave see the FAQ below. ×

Licenses Explained

  • SolusVM Enterprise License
    The First Option is an Enterprise License which allows for OpenVZ VPS to be hosted on your SolusVM Master which is known as a Virtualised Master which you can then add any number of Slaves to this Master for the different Virtualisation Types such as Xen PV, Xen HVM and so forth. The Enterprise License costs $10/month and allows for unlimited number of VPS to be hosted on your Master. To Order your Enterprise License Please see the Table Below
  • SolusVM Enterprise Slave Only License
    The Second Option is a Slave Only License which does not allow for OpenVZ VPS to be hosted on your SolusVM Master which is why it is known as a Slave Only License as it only manages your VPS that are hosted on your Slaves. Due to this we are able to discount this license down to $2.50/month and is perfect for installing on a VPS. To Order your Slave Only License Please see the Table Below

What About Slaves?

The SolusVM Licensing System works on a Single License basis which means that you only purchase either of the two options stated above and during the order process you will be prompted for the number of Slave Servers you wish to add to this license.

Free Trial?

Why not try out SolusVM for yourself completely free, without any feature restrictions, for 15 Days with our Free Trial! The Trial License allows for 1 SolusVM Master and 1 Slave to be installed and used to its full extent so you can really get a feel for how SolusVM works and why we are the number one choice for tens of thousands of VPS Hosting Companies world wide hosting over a quarter of a million VPS at the last count! To Order your FREE Trial Please see the Table Below

Ready To Go?

Here is all the information that you need!

  • Enterprise Master License
  • $10.00/month
  • This license allows you to run a master that can host virtual servers (OpenVZ only).
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  • Slave Only Master License
  • $2.50/month
  • This license allows you to run a master without any virtualization. Please note you will still need to run the master on it's own operating system, either inside a VPS or on a dedicated server.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Can I Host Xen VPS on my SolusVM Master with an Enterprise License?
    No, it is not possible to host either Xen PV, Xen HVM or KVM VPS on your SolusVM Master regardless of which License you choose
  • How do I increase or decrease the number of Slave Servers on my License?
    To increase the number of slaves to your license please login to your Client Area, click on My Services and select your license by clicking on the small icon to the right, then click Upgrade / Downgrade Package. From there you will then be able to enter the number of slaves you wish to change your license to.
  • What Virtualization Types do you support and do I need a different License for each type?
    We currently support OpenVZ, KVM, Xen PV (ParaVirtualization) and Xen HVM (Hardware-Assisted Virtualized Machine). You do not need a different license to use any of the supported Virtualization Types, all Licenses support all types!
  • Can my SolusVM Master be installed on a VPS or does it have to be a Dedicated Server?
    Your SolusVM Master can be installed onto a VPS and is infact something we recommend as taking backups from a VPS is alot easier and quicker to restore than a Dedicated Server, you will require the Slave Only Master License in this enviroment as you cannot host VPS on the Master when it resides on a VPS itself.